• US Nuclear Corp announced today that they have signed a worldwide sales representative and resale agreement with Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. giving US Nuclear non-exclusive rights to sell the revolutionary, high-speed zNose®chemical sniffers.

    The zNose®chemical sniffers use advanced Surface Acoustic Wave sensors and ultra-fast gas chromatography to separate and analyze vapor samples in near real-time. The patented technology detects all compounds within an odor to provide a complete chemical profile, and the software includes an expandable library of over 700 chemicals and odor signatures, allowing the zNose to recognize virtually any target odor.

  • New Study by CDC finds “Only 5% Peracetic Acid consistently reduced EBOV titers in dried blood”

    Treating patients with the Ebola virus (EBOV) is difficult and dangerous. Ebola virus patients can expel several liters of bodily fluids in a day. Every surface they touch can be a source of further virus transmission. Healthcare workers wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to guard against accidental exposure, but that PPE can be contaminated by bodily fluids including dried blood.

    Both the PPE and other surfaces must be completely decontaminated. But many of the decontamination solutions currently used by HAZMAT crews including bleach are not always effective against EBOV.  In addition, bleach and many other decontamination solutions are corrosive and can easily damage PPE and sensitive equipment used by healthcare workers.

  • The opening of its first office in Larbert, Scotland on 2 May 2018 signalled the start of even bigger things within the global defence market for specialty CBRN apparel brand, OPEC CBRNe.

    With more than 100 key influencers and suppliers, trade representatives and key international decision makers in attendance, the opening indicates OPEC CBRNe’s commitment to a British production base, and its strong affiliation with Haven Protective Solutions, where OPEC CBRNe now shares an address.

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