• CloudMinds Technology Inc is the world’s first cloud robot operator, connecting a broad ecosystem of robots and smart devices to Cloud AI.

    Now, CloudMinds has developed a cloud based handheld Raman spectrometer with 785nm laser excitation, the CloudMinds’s XI.

    This handheld Raman unit is fully integrated with the Data A1 smartphone device and maintains constant wifi/blue tooth and 4G LTE connections, letting you stay connected anywhere, and anytime.

  • After a nine-month shut down for repairs, the Pueblo Chemical Depot has been brought back online and is to resume destruction of the US CW stockpile.

    The highly automated plant began a gradual restart this week, it could however take around 60 days to return to full operation.

  • Police in Germany have issued an arrest warrant for a 29 year old Tunisian man after Ricin was discovered in his apartment in Cologne.

    Public prosecutors suspect the Tunisian citizen of violating the War Weapons Control Act and are investigating whether he was preparing a “serious act of violent subversion.”

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