• A massive bag of sex toys brought Berlin’s Schönefeld airport to a stand still on August 10, 2018. Security personnel were alerted to the piece of luggage when a routine x-ray flagged the items to be suspicious.

    As it was unclear as to the precise nature of the contents of the bag security issued an alert closing the terminal whilst they investigated.



  • As announced at the CWD Conference in May, the UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is launching a new competition seeking low technology readiness level proposals for innovative technologies in accessing, disabling and destroying chemical and biological munitions and improvised explosive devices on the battlefield. 

    The competition will be launched on 26 September 2018 in London and information is now available on DASA’s website.  If you are interested in attending please register your expression of interest by 5pm on 12 September 2018. 

    Please see DASA website for more details https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dont-blow-it-safely-eliminating-chemical-and-biological-munitions-on-the-battlefield.

    Please note any queries regarding the event should be sent to accelerator@dstl.gov.uk

  • As part of the EC project Encircle - European CBRN Innovation for the market cluster - the team behind it are looking for input from the CBRN community.

    By providing the project with your views, opinions, and thoughts on current needs and gaps in the sector, you can help move the project in the right direction to provide innovative solutions for the CBRN community.

    This information gathering is being conducted in the form of a short, anonymous, survey that can be found here http://encircle-cbrn.eu/resources/encircle-questionnaires/

    Head over to the Encircle site and see what the project is working on and how it is aiming to strengthen European industry by creating the tools and strategies that are needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers and practitioners in order to strengthen the field of CBRN safety, security and defence in the European Union http://encircle-cbrn.eu/

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