• Chemring’s US based subsidiary, Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems, has been down selected as one of the suppliers on the first stream of the Next Generation Chemical Detector (NGCD1).

  • The National Library of Medicine ToxTutor, a self-paced tutorial covering key principles of toxicology for users of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) chemical and toxicology databases, has recently added new content and topics to it’s every growing catalogue.

  • Alluviam has recently announced the release of the HazMasterG3, adding adaptive, mission specific CBRNE UI, and other advanced tools.

    Changing mission requirements, from responding to improvised warfare agent contamination in Syria, site exploitation of clandestine labs, or responding to hazmat incidents all require unique tools and techniques to successfully prosecute these scenarios.  With HazMasterG3’s new release, the system can rapidly adapt to these and other situations by dynamically adapting the user interface to meet the needs of any mission scenario

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