• Endeavor has revealed design details and images of their Scorpion Robot which was designed for the US Army’s Common Robotic System-Individual (CRS-I) program.

    Announced in April, Endeavor is one of two finalists now in a run-off to provide the Army with a new multi-mission, ‘back-packable’ UGV weighing less than 25 lbs. Potentially worth more than $400 million, the contract to build up to 3,000 robots is scheduled to be awarded early next year.

  • Arktis Radiation Detectors has deepened its relationship with BrightSpec NV/SA, signing an exclusive license agreement to distribute the BrightSpec Compact Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer (‘bMCA’) in the US Homeland Security market, via its subsidiary Arktis Detection Systems of Crystal City, VA.

    Arktis detection products include fixed and relocatable radiation portal monitors, lightweight and covert vehicle mounted systems, and a scalable ultra-light detector for unmanned aerial vehicles. The products already benefit from low-cost, He3-free neutron detection and from a unique open system architecture which allows customers to select from a variety of software and hardware subsystems.

  • The US Air Force has started to field its Joint Service Aircrew Mask (JSAM) for helicopter aircraft as part of a larger effort to shield its personnel against contamination from weapons of mass destruction.

    The JSAM provides better protection against CBRN contamination and is currently being fielded on the HH-60G Pave Hawk and UH-1N Huey aircraft.

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