• Emergent BioSoultions has been awarded another large contract, their fifth this year, worth $63 million to develop an antidote spray device for the treatment of known or suspected acute cyanide poisoning.
    This single-use intranasal spray device will deliver a stabilized form of isoamyl nitrite (SIAN) and is intended for use by first responders and medical personnel following a cyanide incident.
    “Emergent has a successful history of developing medical countermeasures that address the U.S. government’s top priority public health threats,” said Sean Kirk, senior vice president, manufacturing operations and interim head, devices business unit at Emergent BioSolutions. “We are committed to fulfilling BARDA’s requirements for an easily-administered treatment for acute cyanide poisoning, in collaboration with Southwest Research Institute. The development of the intranasal SIAN device will expand the company’s portfolio of novel devices to combat chemical threats. We are excited about the potential of this product candidate to meet the needs of both the government and commercial markets.”
    The contract is for a period of five years and will involve collaboration with Southwest Research Institute in order to advance the development of SIAN towards licensure.

  • Safety solutions provider Survitec is launching its new Sonics Bio Skin and Bio Shell protective suits – designed in conjunction with Gore with the CBRN market in mind – at DSEI in London next week

  • Opec CBRNe, the new name for Remploy Frontline products, snags preferred ensemble for Australian government

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