• It was announced on Friday that the Trump administration plans to accuse Iran of violating the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention, which outlaws the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons.

    The plan is to apparently announce, at some point this week, that Iran has continued to maintain facilities, and equipment, used to produce CWAs.

  • On December 18th, FR’s training division HazMatIQ is holding a RadIQ Response Training session in Miami, FL. This course covers important information for responders to use in the hot zone. This course is limited enrollment, so sign up now! Register here

  • Visual detection of drones has never been considered as effective as its thermal, radio or acoustic counterparts. The trouble is always discriminating between different moving objects in view. Typically, a bird or even a plastic bag caught in the wind might be mistaken for a drone, which is why most discrimination methods have primarily focused on heat and acoustic signatures in the past (though acoustic signatures also tend to become less useful in urban areas with higher levels of background noise).

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