CBRNe World Preparing for the non-conventional threat

CBRNe World magazine, published bi-monthly by Falcon Communications Ltd, serves the information needs of professionals around the world charged with planning for or responding to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosives (CBRNe) threat or incident.

Spanning the divide of operational and scientific, it brings together opinion formers from the world of civil response, military leaders, academia, government agencies, research labs and industry. Combining the already merging fields of CBRN and explosives together in one magazine, editorial content is a combination of qualitative and researched news, interviews, articles, surveys and regular columns.

The Team

  • Gwyn Winfield

    Gwyn Winfield

    Editorial Director - Gwyn Winfield has been writing on CBRNE issues for over thirteen years, he is acknowledged as the world’s leading journalistic authority on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence. Gwyn has also produced and/or chaired CBRN conferences, spoken at a number of CBRN conferences (both Nato countries and beyond), written for defence and homeland security magazines and national newspapers, presented a BBC documentary on the state of UK readiness for a CBRN attack and co-authored a book on terrorism.He leads the UK office, provides content and support to the consultancy team and is the leader for the two FP7 EC projects that Falcon Communications are involved in - IFREACT and GIFT.

  • David Levitt

    David Levitt

    David Levitt: Commercial Director of Falcon Communications. David has over 28 years experience in business publishing and conferences covering the fields of energy, finance, advanced technology, defence and, for the last ten years, CBRNE. A graduate of Liverpool John Moore’s University and co-founder of Falcon Communications with Gwyn Winfield, he has outstanding contacts and influence throughout the CBRNE community and is a frequent visitor to trade shows around the world, seeking clients and prospects for our print, online and conference products.

  • Andrew

    Andrew Johnston

    Andrew Johnston: Senior Scientific Consultant, leads our independent explosives and chemical detector testing service in partnership with the UK Defense Academy/Cranfield University. Utilising scientific expertise and facilities from both Falcon and Cranfield our detector testing service delivers an unrivalled independent testing service. Andrew has certified and assisted in the development of a number of detectors since the testing service began. Andrew specialises in post-blast sampling techniques and has worked closely with CBRNE end users, looking specifically at how they use detection equipment. Andrew comes to us from Shrivenham where he completed his MSc in Forensic Explosives and Explosive Engineering. Prior to that, he was a clinical neurophysiologist and has an undergraduate degree in neuro-biochemistry.

  • Andrea

    Andrea Schinzel

    Andrea Schinzel: Andrea is a Consultant based in the U.S. In addition to co-editing the CBRNe World Annual Directory with Gwyn Winfield, she is responsible for sales and updating its content. Additionally, Andrea coordinates all advertising material for CBRNe World, CBRNe World Annual Directory and Convergence as well as preparing and executing all agreements, contracts and exhibitions worldwide for Falcon Communications. Andrea is a graduate of the University of Maryland with 2 bachelors degrees and is presently completing a Masters in International Relations. Her skills as a former business consultant and a senior legal administrator for one of America’s largest international law firms makes her a valuable member of the Falcon Communications team.

  • Cinomis

    His Honor Gabriel Cinomis, Mayor of Dogtown

    The Honorable Gabriel Cinomis has been Mayor of Dogtown for the last six years and his incumbency is all but assured. Mr. Cinomis has a Bachelorette in Allegory, Satire, and Persiflage from Dogtown Agricultural University, and a Masters in Burrow Management and Administration. Mr. Cinomis is a frequent contributor to CBRNe World, doing so for the betterment of all dogs everywhere and to maintain his sanity. He is single and refutes any suggestion he has anything but a professional relationship with Ms. Chuckworthy.

  • Anna

    Anna Dziaczkowska

    Anna Dziaczkowska: Anna is the UK Office Manager and organises a variety of projects, including the European Consultancy. She did a Publishing and Public Relations Degree in the University of Marie Curie in Lublin. She has been with Falcon Communications for over a year and ensures that everything happens when, and where, it should.

  • James

    James Ross

    James Ross: Business Development Manager. James has been a Business Development professional for 20 years. He previously spearheaded operations in MENA, Europe and India for the power generation business. Despite the best efforts of other members of staff he remains a Tottenham Hotspur fan.