Gareth Roberts


Team leader


South Wales Police


About me

Gareth is an experienced and motivated Police Officer with over 22 years’ service working within the Specialists Operations Unit of a leading UK Police Force, South Wales Police. His primary role is embedded within the Public Order and Counter Terrorism (CT) / Domestic Extremism (DE) related environments.
His versatility and proficiency are highly respected within the security sector which has led to National and International recognition of my work within the CBRNE work streams. His expertise within the operational and training arenas along with his interpersonal skills has been utilised across varying public and private organisation to advance CBRNE operational tactics which has been integral in the development of the Covert assessment Team concept developed and led by South Wales Police.

Current responsibilities:
Developer and Team leader of the CBRNE Covert Assessment Team.
Development of intelligence, planning and effecting covert operations to dismantle Organised Crime Groups and Counter Terrorism networks.
Developing and delivering specialist National Public Order and Counter Terrorism training to Police, key stakeholders and multi-agency partners.
Planner and entry/search Team Leader to high profile National Counter Terrorism arrest phases

Gareth Roberts


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