Captain Bobby Baker


WMD/HAZMAT Coordinator


Dallas Fire Rescue


About me

Captain Bobby Baker is a 20-year veteran of Dallas Fire Rescue currently serving as the WMD/HAZMAT Coordinator for the Dallas Fire Rescue Department Special Operations Division. 
Captain Baker is responsible for the daily regulatory compliance, training, equipment, and response competencies for the Type 1 DFR Hazmat Team servicing the City of Dallas and the 16 county North Central Texas Council of Governments. 

Captain Baker holds numerous critical infrastructure protection certifications and Incident Management of WMD events from the Department of Homeland Security.

Captain Baker is a graduate of the FEMA Radiological Operations Support Specialist program and serves as an instructor for the Counter Terrorism Operations Support at the Nevada National Security Site instructing first responders in the prevention, response, and consequence management of radiological and nuclear emergencies.

Captain Baker currently serves on the NCRP 179 Dosimetry for First Responders commentary committee and recently joined the FEMA-CBRNE Chemical Operations Support Specialist advisory panel. 

Captain Baker currently serves on the Texas State Nuclear PRND advisory committee with the Texas State Homeland Security division and is very active with the Department of Homeland Security SAVER program in conjunction with the National Urban Security Laboratory in New York, City.
Captain Baker holds a Master Fire Fighter certification and certified Hazardous Materials Technician through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and is a certified Incident Safety Officer through the National Fire Academy and the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.  Captain Baker is a Pro-Board certified NFPA 472 Incident Commander of Hazardous Materials Incidents. 

Captain Baker is the founder and President of Emerging Threat Solutions, LLC in Dallas, Texas specializing in all hazards critical infrastructure protection and enhancing strategic resilience capabilities for major corporations and clients to maintain economic vibrancy.

Captain Bobby Baker


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