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David Ladd is the owner and principal of the Blackthorne Services Group, consulting organization.  He retired from service with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Fire Services, as the Director of Hazardous Materials and Counterterrorism Response in 2016.  Over his 17 years of service, David built what is reputed to be the best hazardous materials response system in the nation, and one of the best in the world.  Through leadership and innovation, he advanced the capabilities of his six teams to the point of 100% interoperability with levels of training and equipment that far exceed any others.

While developing these capabilities, Mr. Ladd also earned a national reputation for his ability to bring responder needs and viewpoints to scientific deliberations and national policy discussion, earning invitations to sit on several national panels and committees.  In combination, these experiences and exposures allowed him to develop and implement highly effective new methods to respond to threats of terrorism in mixed hazards, maritime and major venue arenas.

Leadership and innovation were not new to Mr. Ladd when he entered the CBRNe world.  As the Chief of Operations for the City of Boston’s Emergency Medical Service, Mr. Ladd advanced rapid response techniques, implemented Incident Command System concepts well ahead of national acceptance and created much of the doctrine, still used today, in managing mass casualty incidents.  His experience in this realm extended beyond local disasters, to national disasters as an early pioneer of the National Disaster Medical System.

This 35 years of critical thinking, management of real-world crisis, leadership and innovation are the hallmarks that he bring to his new network of world-class consultants.

David Ladd


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