CBRNe Convergence 2018 will be the eleventh in the series and our conference programme consistently includes expert speakers from around the world chosen for their insight and experience of best practice. Attendees will hear from the best civil, military and R&D organisations about how recent incidents, exercises and research is improving CBRNE and hazmat defence and response capabilities.

CBRNe Convergence 2018 will deliver another quality conference programme and pre-event workshop, making it ‘the must attend event of 2018. Previous Convergence events have represented, amongst others, the following agencies and organisations: Joint Task Force Civil Support, JPEO CBD, FFI Norway, Marine Forces Command CBRN, Irish Ordnance School, FBI WMD Directorate, USAF, Tokyo Metropolitan Police, San Francisco DEM, South Wales Police, Polish Armed Forces, DASD for Nuclear Matter DoD, Interpol, CTEx Brazilian Army, Hague Police-Netherlands, Environmental Protection Agency, New Jersey State police, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Joint Chief of Staff Pentagon, New York Police Department, FDNY, Public Health England, 20th CBRN Command, Nato Joint Defence Centre of Excellence, University of Arizona, RCMP, DHS

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