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The ever-popular, annual CBRNE Convergence, with the theme of ‘Growing Closer; Staying Distinct: Merging Civilian and Military Response to CBRN and Explosive Threats’, continues to be the must attend event each year to network and get an update on the state-of-the-art in CBRNE.

The annual workshops, focussing on particular issues, deliver a perfect forum for enhancing capability and co-operation between agencies. Unlike other events, they are delivered at the specific request of supporting organisations.

Together with bespoke events they deliver the best in essential knowledge and collaboration in CBRNE.

  • CBRNe Convergence 2015

    CBRNe Convergence 2015

    Now is the time to plan your attendance at the 8th Annual CBRNe Convergence Congress & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, USA from 27 October - 30 October, 2015. The most important annual congress for the global CBRNE community.

    Growing closer, staying distinct, merging civilian and military response to CBRN, IED and all hazard threats is the constant theme of CBRNe Convergence.

    The conference programme is planned by Gwyn Winfield, editor of CBRNe World magazine, who brings together expert speakers from around the globe, chosen for their insight and challenge, providing attendees with shortcuts to best practice.

    Streamed sessions allow you to choose presentations that best fit the needs of your organization and foster an understanding of how you can bring together civil and military forces in such fields as CBRN, EOD and hazmat to better prepare for current and future challenges.

    • October 27- A Pre-Conference workshop on the theme of CBRNE forensics will also be held in the afternoon and be run, in part, with the Netherlands Forensics Institute (NFI). This will see an afternoon of lectures on forensic science in a contaminated environment and the need to be able to do traditional forensic tasks on contaminated evidence. The NFI is Europe’s leading CBRN forensic science research institution and is internationally respected in many fields.

    An an Icebreaker Reception for all attendees will be held at 18.00

    • October 28 and 29- Main two day streamed conference of over 35 expert speakers PLUS an exhibition of over 60 companies displaying the latest and most innovative CBRNE and hazmat technology PLUS Poster presentations which outline some of the latest developments in science and technology.

    • October 30- 09.00 to 11.30 Dynamic demonstration of US CBRNE and hazmat assets coordinated by the FBI WMD Directorate

    To book your exhibition place simply contact David Levitt at david.levitt@cbrneworld.com Tel +1 443 605 2583 or James Ross at James.Ross@cbrneworld.co.uk Tel +44 1962 832536

  • CBRNeConvergenceAsia


    CBRNe Convergence Asia - 24/25 February 2016. Your best chance to understand the threats facing the region, and how to prepare for high visibility events.