Past Events

Delegates, military, civilian and industrial, came away amazed at their proficiency and concepts that they had integrated into their own CBRN defence plans. 

This event was devised and commissioned by the editor of CBRNe World, Gwyn Winfield, using his unparalleled contacts in Singapore and it was supported by the SCDF itself.

The two-day workshop offered presentations from agencies such as the Immigration and Customs Authority, the Singapore Police Force, the SCDF, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the National Environment Agency and a range of Singapore’s research agencies.

They provided an in-depth appraisal of their capability, where they fit into the Singaporean framework, their capability and their plans for the future. As well as the presentations, there was an exercise of CBRN defence capability by the SCDF (Singapore’s lead agency for dealing with CBRN terrorist attacks) as well as a tour of the facility - which turned out to be the highlight of the event.

CBRNe World is exceptionally grateful to the SCDF, MHA and other Home Team Agencies that provided personnel and valuable time to make the event the success it was. 90% of delegates rated the pre event organisation as greater than average, while 100% voted the on-site organisation as Average of better (with 90% in the good or excellent category), 80% voted the speakers good or excellent, while 75% voted the demonstration excellent. 

Speakers Included - Colonel Eric Yap, Director Homefront Security Division, MHA,  Lt. Col. Teong How Hwa, Director of Hazmat Dept. SCDF, Lee Fook Kay, Chief, Office of Science and Technology, MHA, Tan Quee Hong, Director Pollution Control Dept, NEA, Assistant Superintendent Wendy Lee, Singapore Police Force,  Sng Mui Tiang, DSO, Ho Kong Wai, DSTA, Supt. Danny Ng, Deputy Commander, ICA.