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MX908TM leverages high-pressure mass spectrometryTM (HPMS) to deliver dramatically enhanced sensitivity and broader threat category coverage. This second-generation tool increases mission support with unmatched flexibility and trace detection power for
elite responders in chemical, explosive, priority drug and hazmat scenarios. With the enhanced selectivity of HPMS, users can conduct field analysis of unknown substances at trace levels to generate actionable intelligence in real time.
New MX908 Mission Modes enhance performance using specialized software configurations to optimize operational performance of existing hardware for mission objectives.

Drug Hunter:  is a mission mode for the detection of drugs and pharmaceutical-based agents (PBAs) such as fentanyl and fentanyl-analogues, along with other high priority drugs-of-abuse.  A newly introduced software upgrade provides responders with the ability to detect trace levels of more than 2000 fentanyl types.

Explosives Hunter: is a mission mode for the detection of priority threats from military and commercial grade explosives, to home-made energetics and relevant precursors.

CWA Hunter: is a mission mode for the detection of priority chemical warfare agents, including real-time vapor quantification.



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