908 Devices, Inc.

MX908™ leverages high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) to deliver dramatically enhanced sensitivity and broader threat category coverage. Designed for true trace-level detection and identification across a variety of CBRNE and Hazmat response missions, MX908 provides civilian, federal and military responders with new and improved target detection and identification capabilities.

This second-generation device increases mission support with unmatched flexibility and detection power for elite responders in chemical, explosive, and high priority toxic industrial chemical (TIC) scenarios. MX908 hosts an all hazards threat list which has been upgraded to include a broader spectrum of chemical warfare agents (CWA), explosives and high priority TIC targets. From military grade, commercial and improvised explosives to novel threat materials, MX908 supports the needs of the modern mission.

With the enhanced proficiency of HPMS, users can lighten the technology load of tools required downrange. With sensitivity levels comparable to ion mobility mass spectrometry (IMS), and significantly enhanced selectivity, MX908 can detect trace quantities (low – mid ppb) of priority threats amongst the myriad of interferents that plague other less selective technologies.


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