Biofire Defense LLC

Biofire Defense LLC

BioFire Defense LLC (formerly BioFire Diagnostics) leads in the deployment of reliable and sensitive BioSurveillance instruments for multiple operational scenarios.

RAZOR™ EX BioThreat Field Detection System – A hand-carry instrument designed specifically for field use that provides sensitive and reliable detection and identification of biological threats using cutting-edge PCR technology. The battery operated instrument weighs 11 lbs, operates with freeze-dried reagents, and requires minimal sample preparation which means that it can be used anywhere by military, civil defense, and security personnel. Qualitative results for 10 pathogens are available in just
30 minutes.

NEW- FilmArray® Biological Detection System – A multi-use instrument for screening pandemic, biothreat, and public health pathogens of interest.  This easy-to-use system integrates advanced sample preparation with PCR detection and automatic data analysis in a single, compact instrument that provides quantitative results in 1 hour. Samples are tested for 18 Category A, B, and C Bioterrorism pathogens, each with multiple targets for high- quality results.


Biofire Defense LLC
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84108


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