Cobalt Light Systems Ltd.

RESOLVE - Handheld Through-Barrier ID

A New Capability for Hazmat, EOD and Law Enforcement

Resolve™ uses Cobalt’s unique handheld SORS technology to positively identify hazardous and contraband materials through a wide range of non-metallic barriers such as coloured plastics, glass, paper, card, sacks and fabrics. The system identifies substances from comprehensive libraries including explosives, precursors, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents and narcotics.
Resolve enables operators to obtain a positive ID without opening or moving the container. Hazards stay contained, evidence is more easily preserved and response teams can quickly identify container contents early in an operation, prior to escalation.
Safer, faster and more efficient information gathering enables better critical decision making in Hazmat, EOD, first response, search and law enforcement, and screening at ports and borders.


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