CQC is the sole manufacturer of specialist CBRN protective garment systems in the UK, and have over 30 years’ experience in the CBRN garment manufacturing industry. With its in-house design & manufacturing capability, CQC works with material manufacturers from around the world to design, develop and test their garment systems to NATO standards, and integration with ancillary CBRN products is paramount.

Working with some of the world’s leading test houses, CQC have a long experience in the integration of their garment systems with CBRN ancillary product manufacturers, and are able to offer solutions that ensure compatibility with all CBRN masks, gloves & boots.

With an emphasis on lightweight and breathable fabrics, ALL of our garment systems are classed as low burden, and thus offer the wearer additional comfort whilst working in challenging CBRN environments.

Designed for multi-agency use, CQC currently offer both over suit systems and undergarment systems that both provide high comfort, high protection and functionality for both the military and civil security services around the world.


CQC House,
2-3 Brannam Court,
Brannam Crescent,
Barnstaple, EX31 3TD


+ 44 (0) 1271 345678


+ 44 (0) 1271 345090

E-mail: joh@cqc.co.uk or ctn@cqc.co.uk
Website: http://cqc.co.uk/
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