Cristanini company located in Verona (Italy) is a worldwide leader in the research, development and production of CBRN decontamination/detoxification systems and products. Established in 1972, Cristanini has since acquired a reputation of manufacturing small, medium and large scale CBRN systems and mobile field stations for a simultaneous decontamination/detoxification of personnel, vehicles,  equipment, sensitive material and terrain.

Cristanini experience and know-how is the result of years of dedicated research, applied engineering and the production of equipment and accessories with innovative solutions for CBRN detoxification/decontamination.

The R&D program is conducted in cooperation with the most famous University and Institutes, including Nationals Military Labs. The state-of-the-art R&D is validated by more than 25 patents. This is the result of a creative work and an integrated problem solving approach.

BX 24 is proved to be the most effective CBRN decontamination/detoxification solution in the world. Moreover, Cristanini family of of decontaminants includes other products such as BX 40 for aircraft interiors and nuclear decontamination, BX 30 for training, BX 29 for personnel and SX 34 for sensitive surfaces and materials including detection instruments.

Cristanini Company is NATO Constructor since 1987 with NATO Certificate A5009 and with Product Quality Certification AQAP2110 and ISO 9001:2000.

Cristanini systems are based on the concept “ONLY 1 SYSTEM – 1 PRODUCT- 1OPERATOR” that is Sanijet C.921 + CBRN BX 24 Decon/Detox + SANIJETGUN Lance, a system that radically changed the traditional decontamination philosophy.


Via Porton 15
37010 Rivoli
Veronese (Verona)


+39 456 269400


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