DQE, Inc.

DQE manufactures and distributes emergency equipment and supplies for first responders, hospital, and industrial emergency response use. Products include portable decontamination showers, containment pools, HazMat leak and spill supplies, PPE, and emergency lighting. Innovative thinking and practical design are paramount to all DQE products. Decontamination showers are easy to use and allow for adaptability, forming a foundation of equipment required for HazMat response. DQE decon showers are light weight, portable and require little maintenance. Showers are quick to deploy and ideal for rapid, mobile responders. Victim care products are creative in design, economical and expedite the decon process. DQE also provides customized solutions based on specific responder needs.

DQE products are available in the U.S. and internationally. For more information, contact DQE at 1-800-355-4628 or visit www.dqeready.com/responder.



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