Engility Corporation

Engility has a long history of serving U.S. and international agencies, organizations and customers. We work side by side with America’s allies to combat intractable challenges and promote our shared interests. Our track record of excellence spans nearly 40 years, impacting over 140 countries. Our staff includes peacekeepers and security consultants, award-winning learning specialists; and technical experts in CBRN, water, energy, agriculture, natural resources, disaster response and political transition. To meet the unique challenges of global operations, we design and adapt our systems and processes to serve our clients in any environment. Our engineering and fabrication division are experts in design engineering, fabrication, integration and implementation of bespoke projects and recently we provided program management, support, hardware and service support to 21 mobile National Guard Bureau command and control platforms that provide full spectrum voice, data and imaging capabilities with local emergency responders for on scene incident management and long-term recovery operations. Other capabilities include rapid response prototyping, designing integrating and testing clandestine sensor systems for the US Army, Air Force, US Marine Corps and other government agencies, cyber security, data analytics, IT modernization, specialized technical consultancy, training & learning solutions, acquisition, logistics and management support, healthcare solutions and program management.

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