First Line Technology

First Line Technology’s decontamination line of products, DeconTect, provides high efficacy and user-friendly decontamination tools that can decontaminate chemical (CWA) and biological (BWA) warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and materials, pharmaceutical based agents like fentanyl and carfentanil, and removes radiological particulates from personnel, personal protective equipment, sensitive equipment, and critical infrastructure. DeconTect provides an array of dry and hybrid decontamination products that integrate to provide a comprehensive solution for almost any situation.

DeconTect products are designed for stability, reactivity, and compatibility. Our decontamination solution, Dahlgren Decon, can be used and stored in extreme cold and high heat, neutralizes most threats in under 5 minutes, and has the best material compatibility in the industry based on a consistent neutral pH.

In combination with Dahlgren Decon, FiberTect, First Line Technology’s dry decon solution, can serve as a standalone technology or be used effectively as the first step in a larger decontamination system.


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