A world leader in CBRNE detection

CBRNE events are low in frequency but high in consequence. FLIR safeguards people and property by providing tools that see and sense harmful CBRNE substances. Intelligence, innovation, and intuitive design are featured in every FLIR device, including:

identiFINDER R200 GN - the trusted identiFINDER R200 SPRD, now with neutron detection capability along with gamma detection and identification. The pager-sized radiation detector tool can be mounted in a vehicle or worn to provide 24/7 radiation monitoring. The identiFINDER R200 provides an alarm when radiological hazards are initially detected during patrol activities. Responders can also use the device to perform isotope identification to adjudicate alarms and help them make safe, informed decisions from the frontline.

Griffin G510 - person-portable GC-MS that identifies and confirms unknown chemical trace residue, bulk samples, and mixtures on-scene so that responders can take immediate action. Reachback via WiFi/Bluetooth/Ethernet allows for post-event reporting and further analysis.

Fido X2 - fast, handheld explosives trace detector (ETD) used by security teams to screen facilities and interdict threats before they cause harm.


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