A world leader in CBRNE detection

FLIR makes the best CBRNE detection devices available. Be assured that FLIR CBRNE Detection devices will keep you, your personnel and the community safe from harm and keep you on mission. With over 30 years experience in CBRNE market, FLIR helps you to prepare so when the need arises, you are ready and can take fast, decisive action. Our CBRNE detection products like the Fido X2 and X3, identiFINDER R100, or the Griffin 400 provide high-performance results for defense, homeland security, law enforcement, health, environmental, and commercial organizations around the globe. Leaders in CBRNE innovation, FLIR’s TrueTrace® is an award-winning technology that enables fast, sensitive and selective trace-level explosives detection. Go to to learn more.


FLIR Systems
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