i-bodi is an innovative leader in project research, development, manufacture and project management.  We are specialists in developing bespoke products from customer defined specifications, with particular experience in computer controlled test platforms for CBRN protective clothing and respirator evaluation.

i-bodi has developed heated and sweating, anthropometrically correct mannequins that can bend, walk and run; head-forms with soft polymer skins that fully articulate and breathe, they can be heated and sweat, and have internal cameras for fogging evaluation and can mimic speech.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we specialise in providing intelligent solutions for both industry and large government organisations by developing products from initial concepts through to prototyping and manufacturing.


i-bodi Technology
Unit 8, Swan Business Centre
Osier Way
Buckingham MK18 1TB


+44 1280 815300


+44 1280 813010

E-mail: info@i-bodi.com
Website: http://www.i-bodi.com/
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