Innovation focusing on your Safety!

Following the evolution of currently omnipresent and polymorphic threat, NBC-Sys, subsidiary of Nexter Systems, has adapted its missions and objectives to meet efficiently the needs and expectations of worldwide customers of any military or industrial accidental or malicious actions.

NBC-Sys, thus, developed a very extensive range of high-performance systems and solutions for individual and collective protection, excellent quality and competent filtration systems for on-board personnel in armoured vehicles engaged in operations under extreme conditions or in fixed or mobile shelters made us the first and unique choice for experts and military users.

NBC-Sys proudly presents advanced and specialized detection kits to military personnel and first responders, for rapid and accurate Identification of CBRN threats and risks, considering the guarantee the Safety of operations and activities.

NBC-Sys cutting-edge decontamination system for individuals, Vehicles and infrastructures, used in both military and industrial field, are in a perpetual hard work of progress.


8 rue Bonnevialle
BP 10226
F-42408 St-Chamond


+33 477 191921


+33 4 77 19 1929

E-mail: sales@nbc-sys.com
Website: http://www.nbc-sys.com
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