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QinetiQ North America develops rugged, reliable and multi-mission robots in a variety of sizes and with varying capabilities that support warfighters, military police and first responders with critical and dangerous missions. Deployed worldwide, our TALON®, Dragon Runner® robots are used to increase situational awareness, aid in safety, enhance security and support IED, EOD, and CBRN operations. With over 10 years of proven technology and over 4,500 robots sold, QinetiQ North America robots have proven to be dependable, reliable and even lifesaving.

TALON, now on its 5th generation (TALON V) features the following:
• IOP compliant
• SAE JAUS AS4 compliant
• HD video
• Highly mobile
• Rugged and reliable
• Configurable for combat engineers, EOD, CBRNE
• User-defined graphical interface and programmable manipulator presets
• Speeds up to 6 MPH
• Flexible controller options
• Autonomy and mapping
Our newest, heavy-EOD robot, TISON is a rugged, strong robot capable of lifting up to 110 pounds. It is equipped with the latest generation digital mesh radios for expanded reach and new CONOPS. As a multi-mission robot, TISON can perform across a range of challenging terrains and conditions. 
Designed to be agile, TISON can fit through doorways, negotiate hallways and is capable of climbing a 46 degree staircase.  TISON is simple to operate by using a laptop or body-worn controller keeping the operator away from danger.

TISON features:
• Safe standoff from IEDs and VBIEDs
• Increased mission effectiveness
• Increased safety
• Multi-mission capabilities
• IOP compliant
• Reliable and maintainable


QinetiQ North America
350 Second Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451


+1 781 684 4000

E-mail: TalonSales@QinetiQ-NA.com
Website: http://www.qinetiq-na.com.
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