• SIGA Technologies announced that they are expected to break cover on the size/possibility of US orders for their smallpox antiviral shortly.

  • A leak of a radioactive substance into drinking water in Bangalore, in India, is likely due to a disgruntled employee, local police announced. According to the BBC, officials announced that an employee mixed the radioactive substance tritium with cooler water meant for staff. Fifty-five needed treatment but all returned to duty.


  • Avon Protection signed a €500,000 order with the Italian Navy for the C50 respirator. Aerosekur will ask as integrator on their mask – which must gall somewhat since Aerosekur manufacture the in-service Italian Army respirator. The C50 is based on the in-service US military JSGPM respirator.


  • Lion clinched the FDNY order with their MT94 CBRN ensemble. New York is the largest fire brigade in the US and chose the MT94 to give them greater versatility than their previous Level A suits.

  • Indian officials denied that Union Carbides Bhopal facility is still leaking dangerous toxins into the drinking water. 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate, in what was the world’s worst chemical disaster, and Bhopal Medical Appeal are adamant that the damage is still being done - that water for 15 communities is still being contaminated.

  • Six men have been arrested for the murder of former Chilean President in 1982. The President had been murdered with a mix of thallium and mustard agent combined with his medication, three of the suspects will be charged with murder, and three with being accomplices to murder. The President’s murder was one of the abiding mysteries of the Pinochet regime - a Litvinenko gone right?


  • The UK’s Royal Society published a new report – Making the UK Safer: detecting and decontaminating chemical and biological agents – with recommendations to protect the UK against CBRN threats. Copies of the review are available here: http://royalsociety.org/Making-the-UK-safer-a-five-year-review/

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