• Emergent Biosolutions announced a $51 million contract from BARDA for the development of a new anthrax vaccine utilising their protective antigen rPA. This antigen stimulates a protective immune-response that neutralises the anthrax toxins ā€“ which has long been an element of concern.

    Meanwhile Cleveland BioLabs snagged a $45 million contract from CBMS for their CBLB502 radiation countermeasure. $14.8 million of this is for advanced development of the countermeasure while the remained is for purchase, after FDA approval, of the necessary dosage for US Forces.

  • Smiths Detection announced that they had been awarded a five year contract from the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) for a continuation of detection systems and an upgrade of their libraries and radiological detection. The system forms part of PROTECT, Program for Response Options and Technology Enhancements for Chemical/Biological Terrorism, and also includes their FirstView tool to provide enhanced C2 and incident management system ā€“ allowing networked CCTV and digital recording.

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