• Milford, Delaware: Workers at a Clam processing plant, Sea Watch International, started their day with a severe shock when leaking chemical munitions were found on the assembly line.  6 people required medical treatment and 2 military assessment teams from teh US Army 20th Support Command are making a full assessment.

  • Use of chemical weapons suspected in Libya’s Kufrah clashes

  • burger
    US states plan to distribute emergency medicine to civilians at drive-thru restaurants.

  • This three-day, non-credit short-course is designed to introduce participants to the challenges facing the world at the intersection of biodefense and public health. See main articlefor further details or register here

  • Smiths Detection and Optosecurity offer upgrades for airport x-ray scanners

  • viperFLIR Systems announced on June 22 the launch of the Viper man-portable applicator for the Agentase Disclosure Spray during a recent CBRNE conference at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.The Viper applicator was specifically co-developed by FLIR and Intelagard, Inc. to provide a smaller, man-portable mobile system capable of being towed as a roller board device or being worn as a backpack during use

  • AMARILLO, Texas — A Saudi man accused of buying chemicals online and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction was found guilty Wednesday in federal court in Amarillo. reported the Huffington Post

  • Singapore Civil Defence Force have released an RFQ for advanced ensembles of CBRN equipment.  Click here for further details.

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  • North Korea to enhance its nuclear defence capability

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