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    This month’s issue of CBRNe World contains an article from the UK Centre for Defence Enterprise on calls for proposals for hazard management. Further details in the main article.

  • Officers exposed to substance thought to be heroin and petrol

  • cbrn mask
    An auction of carnival masks, designed for the CBRNe South America conference this year will take place on 31st October at CBRNe Convergence in Norfolk, VA.  Bids will be taken on the night, but should you not be able to attend the night we will take take bids via sophie.pym@cbrneworld.com. These will be traditionally blind bids, we won’t tell you what the current status is, but there will be a reserve of $200 per mask, which is what CBRNe World will donate to two charities to keep them.

  • Research at Imperial College London examining influenza transmission in ferrets suggests that the virus can be passed on before the appearance of symptoms.

  • RDECOM respirator
    A U.S. Army engineer is bringing the expertise of America’s military scientific community to ensure America’s allies are safe from chemical and biological agents.

    Jorge Christian, with the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, uses his 27 years of experience in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear protection to provide the best equipment for American Soldiers as well as international partners.

  • Name charge to more accurately reflect business strategy and strong momentum in the marketplace

  • Two more hospitalised as outbreak claims thirteenth victim in three days

  • Next generation of handheld assays to include mobile phone compatibility

  • Col. Phil Visser has relinquished command of the school to his deputy and said “farewell” to the community.

  • smiths
    JCADs protect US troops from chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals

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