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  • Researchers at Aldrich Materials Science have discovered an innovative way to design an important class of 3-D hybrid structures under completely liquid-free conditions.

  • 1st detect
    1st Detect awarded US patent for novel mass spectrometer ion trap control technology

  • fire truck
    The M6 has been closed between junctions 2 and 4 in Warwickshire after chemical fire

  • Syria is an interesting beast for the CBRN community. It one of the most present threats of CBRN use in the news media - and in the midst of this strife, like all wars, there is the danger of profiteering and incompetence.

  • Based on the successful design of Scott Safety‚Äôs General Service Respirator (GSR) for the military.

  • There are many good opportunities to dissuade a country from using chemical weapons(CW). Generally speaking once a full blown war (civil or otherwise) is going on its starting to get a bit late

  • canadaargon
    Government Of Canada invests in improved chemical detector training for the Canadian Armed Forces

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