• Foremost analyst on Syria, Brown Moses, has identified for us a theme in a recent spate of attacks where a common payload/motor component appears to have been found Here.

    Full details are on his blog here

  • Following on from Jim McCormick’s prosecution this week in the UK questions still remain unanswered. They start with how is could take so many years before such an obvious fake was caught. More bruising though is the way in which agencies that should have known better behaved including:

    Support from the British Military at export shows, helping convince people of its bona fides

    The lack of action till years after the US had already closed the door on such scams

    The limited ban of export, once the BBC exposed the scam, to prohibiting exports to Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only making no sense but actually suggesting a liability to the UK government by knowing the system was not safe (hence the ban) but not bothering to extend it to all exports.

    The trialling of the system by the Royal Engineers at their search school

    The inclusion of the system at a Nato Counter IED workshop

    What on earth happened to the monitoring of the Iraqi Police by coalition forces?

    All of these organisations can, and should have known better and unfortunately while it may not have been their intention, through omission of effort or thought they lent credence to a system that has undermined the security of many of the hardest struck countries around the world.

    It certainly means that they and others need to take a fresh approach to activities in future and at the very least exercise a cursory examination of products they endorse, support or exhibit.

  • CBRNe World were asked to comment on the successful prosecution of the fake explosive detector salesman Jim McCormick.

    Listen now on http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rz533 - Gwyn is on about 16 mins in to the programme.

  • Bruhn NewTech delivers the next generation of its HazKey® Systems to the Royal Netherlands Air Force

  • A further video has come out this week(see below) with foaming mouthed victims, which increasingly hysterical commentators have pointed their shaking fingers towards,  wiping their own spittle flecked mouths, as evidence that something is being used by someone against someone in Syria. At best they are adding nothing to the investigation, at worst they are endangering people.

  • DARPA has awarded Northeastern University $467,755 to rapidly develop and demonstrate non-contact methods to detect explosives embedded or packaged in opaque media with high water content (e.g., water, mud, meat/animal carcasses) at standoff.

    Further details here

  • Poster abstracts are now being accepted for CBRNe Convergence 2013.  As for 2012, speaking positions will be awarded to the abstracts deemed most scientifically and operationally interesting and worthy. Additionally there will be poster sessions and publication in CBRNe World available.

    Last year over 50 posters were present in the exhibition and a free entry to the next CBRNe Convergence was awarded to the winning poster.

    This year, in addition to the general call, papers are also invited on the following topics, with a small travel grant as prize for the best paper:

    1. The lack of international body monitoring CBRN use in war is undermining attempts at control and elimination of CBRN weapons.

    2. CBRN allegations have become a tool of war.

    Please highlight in your return if you are addressing one of the special topics.

    Full details of submission and the call are here:  http://www.cbrneresearch.com/conference.html

  • Utah law enforcement receives training on FLIR Systems’ state-of-the-art forensic equipment to streamline drug cases

  • The Brown Moses Blog has now become a highly respected source of information, both on the UK phone hacking scandal and the conflict in Syria being used by media organisations such as:
    BBC, NY Times, and many more.

    Its currently run for free by a great friend of CBRNe World and we are throwing our support behind him being able to continue this vital resource.
    Further details http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-brown-moses-blog

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