• Lessons learned first hand from Fukushima - from the man who responded!

  • Alan Shatter, Irish minister for justice, equality and defence opens all hazards response 2013. Speaking warmly about cbrneworld the minister has praised the organisation and line up of all hazards response 2013. He is particularly impressed that we have combined great speakers with 3 multinational exercise vignettes

  • It feels a little sad that the peaks in news reporting are mainly related to CBRN attack allegations in Syria.  The most recent attack, reported here apparently killed 3 people.  The question in my mind is not so much whether its true any more, but more why would anyone use it when it is being so ineffectual? Is it to spread fear? Surely suicide bombs, larger scale artillery bombardments and tanks are more scary?

    Is this further efforts to push for US intervention?  Or part and parcel of the vilifying allegations one sees in any conflict?  One thing is certain, the West is rapidly losing, or may even have lost, any control of the direction of travel of Syria.

  • The Time today (Saturday) revealed that an MoD employee had leaked secret information to them over soil tests removed from Syria in a secret operation.
    If true, it claims that something other than riot control agents was found, but was not conclusively identified.

    While we will monitor this and ask DSTL Porton Down for a quote this was, in our opinion, the wrong thing of both the Times and the scientist to do, if true.
    It not only reveals details of secret operations, potentially endangering operatives, it’s not particularly conclusive - but the lack of a positive identification suggest the analysis is not complete.

    We hope for a formal statement, and an investigation in to the leak. for an establishment like Porton Down to be leaking sensitive information endangering SF or intelligence operatives is completely unacceptable.

  • Hotzone Solutions recently started a series of field testing; why?

  • TRELLCHEMĀ® Splash 2000P chosen for German civil defence solution

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