• A flap over missing medical records is brewing at the Boston Fire Department

  • Authorised to detect threats in baggage, cargo and on passengers

  • Exercise Sandy Shore is the first of a planned series of Bi-Annual UK Military CBRN Warning and Reporting Exercises…

  • The EPA’s CBRN Consequence Management Advisory Team, the second Partner Organisation supporting CBRNe Convergence, will be bringing their ASPECT aircraft to CBRNe Convergence (29-31 October 2013, San Diego)! EPA will be holding a FREE open house at a local airport for attendees of CBRNe Convergence, and local responders, to visit the aircraft, talk to the scientists and understand the capability. The ASPECT aircraft, shown here, provides stand off chemical and radiological detection for Federal, State, local and international clients and is a unique capability.

    The EPA ASPECT Open House will be held on the Pre-Congress Day, the 29th October, and there will be a free shuttle bus between the Congress hotel, the Town and Country, and the local airfield. Trips will run through the day and will also be available for delegates that register for the ‘Building a CBRN Coroners and Pathologists capability’ Pre-Conference workshop.

    CBRNe Convergence will be the largest CBRNE congress in the US this year, designed and delivered by the team that brought you CBRNe World magazine. With over forty presenters from around the world it will provide delegates with a higher degree of understanding in the complex and vital field of defence against Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosives. As well as the main lecturers there is also a Call for Papers, those people that feel that their research has practical application for first responders should contact Steve Johnson

    The event will be accompanied by a large exhibition of over 70 CBRNE companies, with local, regional and international companies showcasing their products.
    CBRNe Convergence, 29-31 October, Town and Country, San Diego – the largest international CBRNE gathering in 2013. www.cbrneworld.com/convergence2013

  • Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) will test the ability to deploy and redeploy from a CBRN incident during a command post exercise May 20 – 24 at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, known as Exercise Sudden Response 13 (SR 13).

  • 620DV AT advanced X-Ray baggage screener now meets STAC Certification requirements for liquid explosive detection

  • SciAps, a portable analytical instrumentation company, announces the sale of ReporteR units to the Brazilian police force to aid in World Cup security.

  • iRobot wins $7.2 million tender from Brazil to provide Defense & Security robots

  • DQE Introduces the Decon Stability Cane to Assist Emergency Responders during Decontamination

  • The Authority has a requirement to provide a replacement for its gamma radiation monitoring capability, fitted in the Manoeuvring Room on board its nuclear powered submarines, plus 10 years support and maintenance. A gamma radiation detection capability and incorporated alarm is required that will be capable of the detection and display of the levels of gamma radiation present in room, from a fixed position. The equipment will also incorporate multiple preset, and adjustable, audible and visual alarms. The requirement is for 20 units. The equipment is used to aid operator knowledge regarding habitability of the manoeuvring room during a reactor incident and to give confidence in the integrity of shielding during normal operation. The in-service support solution shall be for an initial 10 year contract with options for a further 5 years support. The Authority invites expressions of interest from industry for the supply and support of a Gamma Alarm that will meet the capability. Interested parties will be provided with a detailed Statement of Technical Requirements once Expressions of Interest have been received. Suppliers wishing to bid for the supply of this equipment will be asked to provide sample/prototype equipment, at no cost to the crown, for testing against MoD requirements as part of the ITT process. It is anticipated that the technology for this capability is readily available but the packaging of the final solution may require development. Bidders will be expected to detail development costs and timescales as part of the ITT.
    Estimated value excluding VAT: 300 000 GBP

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