• Bruker Receives Award of a Contract to Design, Build and Equip Three Radiological/Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles to support Dutch Firefighters, Police and other First Responders when responding to emergencies.

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  • National Library of medicine is offering a free, online class on getting the best out of Toxnet, Wiser etc. Can’t recommend this enough. Click on the main story and follow the links.

  • Morphix Technologies® develops easy-to-use Chameleon chemical detection safety kits for law enforcement, first responders or fire personnel.  Each convenient Chameleon kit is identified for a specific toxic gas situation.  Kits available for clandestine methamphetamine labs (Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit), a hazardous material release/chemical spill (HazMat Detection Kit), suicide (chemical or “detergent” suicides )(Chemical Suicide Detection) and arson investigations (Arson Investigation Kit). Also available is a Training Kit, which is ideal for a classroom, by which first responders can train with the Chameleon system using inactive cassettes and training cassettes.

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