• Veteran Corps of America, a sponsor at CBRNe Convergence in Orlando, FL next month, is building a lifesize Jenga game where attendees can “take a risk” and win a prize if they don’t knock over the tower. If you are attending CBRNe Convergence, please visit Booth #301 and try your luck!

  • A rather belated roundup of the second day at DSEi

  • All chemical weapons at the Shchuchye facility in the Kurgan region have now been destroyed - only two sites left until complete destruction

  • FLIR announced the new lightweight Griffin 410 for deployable labs and recce vehicles.

  • DSEI is one of Europe’s largest defence shows and as such is used for a number of product launches for Europe if not worldwide

  • After 5 years of development, Avon Protection is launching a new modular range of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) respiratory protection products at DSEI to meet the new CBRN threat environment and changing needs of the specialist user. The patented design approach delivers maximum operational flexibility – interchangeable components allow for multiple protection level configurations that can be rapidly assembled as threats change.

  • Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Authority, STUK, awards a new significant 1.6m, four years framework contract to Environics Oy for radiation detection equipment program.

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