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  • The United States Navy has awarded an exclusive license agreement to a Virginia-based small business, First Line Technology, to permit the manufacture and distribution of lifesaving technology for warfighters and first responders nationwide. This revolutionary decontaminant, Dahlgren Decon, will neutralize a variety of substances, from toxic industrial materials and chemicals to chemical warfare and biological agents in a matter of minutes with no toxic byproducts or corrosion to the equipment being decontaminated.

  • Watford, 14 September, 2016 – Smiths Detection’s newly launched TRACE-PRO™, a non-radioactive, hand-held explosive threat detector, now has the additional capability to detect and identify TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide).  This was the explosive substance used in the terrorist attack in Brussels in March 2016.  This much-needed capability will enable users of TRACE-PRO to identify traces of TATP easily and aid covert operations or security operators to screen people, objects and materials in any location

  • Company deploys key updates to improve precision and simplicity of world’s first handheld mass spectrometer; inks orders with priority U.S. safety and security organizations

  • Proportional Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has been selected as a 2016 R&D 100 finalist, marking the second year in a row that PTI has been selected as a finalist for this highly competitive award. Their application titled “Effective Neutron Detectors to Combat Nuclear Threats” describes the development of a new high performing neutron radiation detection line called the n-Defender series. Research and development funding for this section of PTI’s R&D was provided by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. This line of products is specifically designed for security monitoring applications with an emphasis on reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.

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