• As militaries worldwide struggle with soldiers suffering from heat stress – due to increased training pressures and heavier kit – Equivital looks to combat these injuries and fatalities by designing wearable technology that can save soldier’s lives.
    Equivital is launching V5 of its Black Ghost system at DSEI 2017, at stand S3-357. The Black Ghost Military System provides real-time, actionable information for critical decision making.
    The new version brings unparalleled accessibility, new functionality and improved usability, having taken on detailed feedback from multiple military partners. The new system will enable commanders to make informed decisions, faster, with relevant data at their fingertips, on a mobile device or PC.


  • Progeny ResQ 1064nm handheld Raman provides emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with the industry’s most comprehensive tool for chemical identification, CBRNe detection, and narcotics classification in a fast and simple handheld form.Faced with increasingly sophisticated chemical threats and global drug trafficking, Progeny ResQ provides users with confidence to:
    Detect explosive threats quickly and accurately in harsh environments, identify a wide range of narcotics and illegal drugs and respond to suspicious hazardous materials that risk public safety.

  • Following the award of a $165M contract from the Department of Defense, VPI has designed and developed an advanced radiological detectionsystem (RDS) prototype that will be unveiled for the first time in public on Septmeber 12th 2017 at DSEI in London.

    VPI’s RDS utilizes cutting edge technology and will be in use across all branches of the United States Armed Forces, as well as the US Coast Guard, emergency responders and NATO (especially in Canada and the UK). Such collaboration requires the system to be adaptable to many different applications; VPI is able to provide this flexibility through its expertise in the design and development of radiation detection technologies.

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