• It was announced this week that AktiVax, Inc., of Boulder, Colorado, have been awarded a contract by BARDA to develop a new auto-injector for 2-PAM. Auto-injectors for 2-PAM are no longer manufactured and were originally designed for military use meaning a new, easy to use device is required.

  • The recent Special Session at the OPCW could have major ramifications for the future of the organisation

  • Federal Resources Supply Company announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Larry Gwaltney as Chief Executive Officer. 
    Federal Resources also announced that Robert McWilliams, current CEO and Chairman of the Federal Resources Board of Directors, will serve as President and continue as Chairman of the Board.

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  • CloudMinds Technology Inc is the world’s first cloud robot operator, connecting a broad ecosystem of robots and smart devices to Cloud AI.

    Now, CloudMinds has developed a cloud based handheld Raman spectrometer with 785nm laser excitation, the CloudMinds’s XI.

    This handheld Raman unit is fully integrated with the Data A1 smartphone device and maintains constant wifi/blue tooth and 4G LTE connections, letting you stay connected anywhere, and anytime.

  • To improve its resilience to new CBRN attacks and threats, the EU needs a specialized, competitive, efficient, and sustainable industry. Capitalizing on its experience in the EDEN Demonstration Project, other CBRN relevant projects, and in the CBRN market and supply chain, the European Innovation for the CBRN Market Cluster (ENCIRCLE) consortium proposes an innovative approach to reach this goal in a short to long term perspective. Once achieved it will allow SMEs and large industries to deliver and invest in the best innovations on the market.

    As part of Eurosatory 2018 a series of demonstrations and conferences were held focusing on CBRN, at which the Encircle project was invited to participate on Wednesday 13 June.  Encircle has now been operational for one year, and Eurosatory provided a perfect venue for us to present what has been achieved in that time.

  • After a nine-month shut down for repairs, the Pueblo Chemical Depot has been brought back online and is to resume destruction of the US CW stockpile.

    The highly automated plant began a gradual restart this week, it could however take around 60 days to return to full operation.

  • Police in Germany have issued an arrest warrant for a 29 year old Tunisian man after Ricin was discovered in his apartment in Cologne.

    Public prosecutors suspect the Tunisian citizen of violating the War Weapons Control Act and are investigating whether he was preparing a “serious act of violent subversion.”

  • Bruker Detection is proud to announce the launch of CBRNet™, the first purpose designed CBRNe network to link sensors to decision makers. CBRNet™ provides a Recognised CBRNe Picture, giving near real time vision of deployed sensors and allowing fast, effective decision making that will save lives. CBRNet™ professional staff provide clients with 24/7 operational, technical and scientific support from dedicated facilities in Leipzig, Germany. The CBRNet™ package of equipment and services is based around three core pillars of activity: operations, training, and fleet management. CBRNet™ launches today at Eurosatory in Paris (German Pavilion HG630). For more detailed information on CBRNetTM visit the Bruker Detection website https://bit.ly/2sGtdFf

  • Rigaku Analytical Devices, a leading pioneer of handheld and portable spectroscopic analyzers, announces the addition of QuickDetect™ mode, a capability that provides automated colorimetrics for trace or non-visible amounts to its existing Progeny ResQ 1064nm handheld Raman analyzer.  This new feature removes the human-error and subjectivity of traditional color reagent kits and will be demonstrated this week at the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) International Hazmat Conference in Baltimore, MD, USA.

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