Beth El introduced a new configuration to its multi-platform interoperable air filtration system - FA 160 ZM-2 - at DSEI. The FA 160 ZM-2 for tents was developed to offer the same level of safety and protection as provided in their vehicle and mobile shelter systems; this enables greater interoperability of sub-components, reducing the logistics footprints. The FA 160 ZM-2 was designed to offer versatile protection, operating in both positive and negative pressure.  In positive pressure situations, the system offers full collective protection to the inhabitants of the pressurized area, while in negative pressure scenarios, it enables isolation of contaminated personnel and equipment.  Beth El state that the flexibility of the pressure options meets the growing requirements in the unpredictable atmosphere of today‚Äôs conflicts, and provides for a wide range of collective protection facilities and that the system is lightweight and can be quickly and easily moved from place to place as required.

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