Exercise Sandy Shore is the first of a planned series of Bi-Annual UK Military CBRN Warning and Reporting Exercises that will allow units the ability to confirm and enhance their CBRN Warning and Reporting skills.

Bruhn NewTech is currently supporting the UK MOD in the digital teaching of their CBRN Hazard Prediction software system, known as BRACIS throughout the UK CBRN Tri-Service organisations, but is called CBRN Analysis by the rest of the NATO user community. The teaching of BRACIS takes place at the Defence CBRN Centre at Winterbourne Gunner in the UK during the two and a half week CBRN Cell Controller’s Course that is routinely scheduled to take place at least 4 times a year for UK or potential overseas Military CBRN Warning and Reporting operators.

Bruhn NewTech provided the subject matter expertise for this particular exercise that tested the abilities of CBRN Cells from Army and RAF Regiments Units. The exercise incorporated Version 12 of BRACIS and was used to carry out the current and, with the introduction of CBRN BISA onto the Bowman infrastructure, possible future UK Warning and Reporting procedures. Several of the units’ CBRN Cells were also getting build up training to participate in one of the largest international CBRN Warning and Reporting exercises called Brave Beduin, which is held in Denmark annually.

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