Find out what some of the leading European minds in CBRN and forensic science have developed to enable more successful prosecution of criminals and terrorists.

The AAFS ( has a workshop that will feature GIFT. Workshop #20 ‘On the leading edge of Forensic Science,’ will have a presentation on ‘45 minutes in a space suit,’ looking at the challenges to sampling in a contaminated environment and what GIFT is doing to make this easier.

The European Commission’s ‘Community of Users’ has a re-scheduled meeting on the 29th of Feb. This is an invitation only event to be held in Brussels at the BAO. Invitations from this can be got from Philippe Quevauvillar and his email can be sent to you via DM.

Finally, and most importantly, there will be one day, FREE, CBRN Forensics Workshop on the 15th of March at the Finance Tower in Brussels. It will bring together GIFT consortium members, leading CBRN forensic practitioners/speakers and other EC funded CBRN forensic projects. This aims to be able to provide an overview of what the EC is doing to improve YOUR CBRN defence/prosecution capability, rather than just a ‘show and tell.’ Contact for more information/book your place.

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