The new model will replaces its predecessor, the Griffin 400, with improved features, lighter weight and increased precision. With a new design that is typically 35% lighter than existing market offerings, the compact Griffin 410 is fully self-contained with a built-in shock isolation system designed and tested to MIL-STD-810G for in-field operation. The ability to perform on-scene chemical analysis preserves sample integrity and provides more immediate results.

Like traditional lab-based GC/MS, the Griffin 410 is equipped with an integrated standard liquid injector that accepts several interchangeable sampling tools. The injector is compatible with revolutionary sample introduction tools like the PSI-Probe that eliminate sample preparation, without sacrificing the ability to perform more traditional techniques like syringe, SPME fiber, headspace, and autosampler injections. FLIR’s miniature ion-trap technology with inherent MS/MS capability ensures accurate chemical identification within 3-15 minutes leading to real-time, actionable countermeasures that protect public safety.

FLIR’s intuitive, touch-screen Griffin System Software application and exclusive, mission-focused GriffinLib chemical library speeds data interpretation in the field and instils user-confidence. The Griffin 410 is quick and simple to use for both the field operator and scientist.

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