The SPRD builds on the success of previous generations of Thermo Scientific radiation detectors by adding a new operation mode for identifying nuclides. Equipped with a 1,024 channel analyzer, the RadEye SPRD gives non-expert users the ability to perform initial identification of radioactive materials found in the field. Thermo Fisher Scientific designed this next-generation handheld instrument to easily detect and identify common nuclides of interest – including cesium-137, cobalt-60 and more.

In addition to its nuclide identification capabilities, the RadEye SPRD offers:
• An expansive library of nuclides of interest, which allows a security team leader to create custom alarm profiles for their team;
• The same easy-to-use, portable design common to the Thermo Scientific RadEye instrument platform, which has been trusted by security professionals for years; and
• Sophisticated software that allows the instrument to distinguish between background radiation and nuclides of interest automatically.

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