Smiths Detection, perhaps in timely response to the attempted ass-assassination of Prince bin Nayaf (see below) announced that their B-Scan provided fast, non-intrusive internal and external search for hidden weapons and other contraband. The device uses a smaller dose that backscatter x-ray and in a single pass can do an individual in seven seconds, allowing the operator to evaluate the image for hidden objects. A good piece of kit, but it will be a civil liberties nightmare for aviation security and passengers…

On the chemical detection side of Smiths they announced that they had integrated Alluviam’s Hazmaster into their HazmatID Raider. The Hazmaster G3 is designed to provide ‘mission-critical guidance’ on handling unknown threats, which Smiths clearly think is a good idea for someone who might have detected something with Smith’s FTIR that he was not expecting!

Meanwhile the UK President of Smith Detection, Stephen Phipson, picked up a Commander of the British Empire (CBE – we have to get the acronym monkey to try and fit a R and a N in there somewhere!) for services to the security industry. As well as President of Smiths he also works with the UKTI, ADS and RISC and said that; “It is an honour not only for me and Smiths Detection, but also for the entire UK security sector which has an enviable international record for technology expertise and leadership.”

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