Since 2011, LION’s CBRN products have qualified as “Designated Status.” However, “Certified Status” acknowledges that LION’s CBRN products are recognized by the DHS Science and Technology branch as having significant, and effective technology that has the potential to save lives in the event of a terrorist incident.

As part of the application process for upgraded status, LION had to demonstrate to the DHS auditors that their PPE has performed as expected during the PPE’s ten-year life cycle. Information gathered via customer surveys included how often the suits were worn, whether they were cleaned and put back into service, or if they had been retired. LION showcased accurate record keeping of the entire life cycle of the PPE from fabric, suit, end-user receipt, and use.

“LION has achieved Safety Act ‘Certified Status’ by listening to the voice of the customer, and designing suits that first responders want to wear,” stated Diane Redden, Director of CBRN PPE and StationWear.
LION will hold certification until May 31, 2021.

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