cbrn maskBe a hit at your Halloween party with the CBRNe World ‘Rio’ CBRN masks! The 31st of October, at CBRNe Convergence, (www.cbrneworld.com/convergence2012), will see the Charity Auction of the carnival masks that we had especially designed for our CBRNe South America event -
The auction will be held after the Drinks reception on the evening of the 31st of October and will be for two masks, the male ‘CBRN Head’ and the female ‘CBRN Plume’ and all proceeds will go to charity – half ofthe proceeds will go to the CCRA’s chapter of the Wounded Warrior charity and the other half to the Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation.
If you cannot attend the conference there is still a chance to bid for the mask, buy yourself some unique memorabilia (no other copies of these masks exist) and do some good for charity. If you want to place a bid ‘on the books,’ so that we place your bid against the bidding in the room, then email sophie.pym@cbrneworld.com before the 30th of October with your details.
With nearly a month to go more than 500 people, from 19 countries, have registered for CBRNe Convergence and with nearly 100 exhibitors it is the premiere international CBRNE event in the US in 2012. To book your place, read the programme, or check out the exhibitors go to - www.cbrneworld.com/convergence2012

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