JUNE 11, 2015 - STERLING, Va. - Polimaster has released new wireless automatic data transmission technology for its most popular Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) PM1703MO-1. The modified version of this PRD (PM1703MO-1BT) can now connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to Apple or Android smartphones in conjunction with Polimaster’s proprietary smartphone application called “Polismart”. The device, coupled with “Polismart”, allows the end user to send PRD’s data and GPS coordinates to the client’s network for monitoring, tracking and managing of this data in real-time.

This proven technology has already been integrated into Polimaster’s new dosimeter for Firefighters: model PM1605BT.  Subsequently, Polimaster will introduce other models of PRDs and spectroscopic PRDs with identical networking capability.

Polismart application is free and available at the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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