CBRNe Convergence, 31 Oct – Nov 2, www.cbrneworld.com/convergence2016 is looking for research that has practical applications for first responders. CBRNe Convergence has had a paper and poster session for the past five years and it has provided insight from agencies such as: the Israeli Defence Force, DHS, Kings College London, TNO, ECBC, EPA, North Carolina State U, Brookhaven Labs, the Czech Institute of Microbiology and others. Their papers and posters have been read over the years be policy makers and responders from over 40 countries.
If you have research that you think would be of interest to this community we want to hear from you! Speakers will receive free entry and accommodation for the duration of the conference and workshops. Poster submissions will receive a 20% discount off government delegate rates. The abstract should be 250-500 words long and include the following: Background (purpose/objective/rationale of the research, relationship to other areas if any); Methods; Preliminary results; Preliminary conclusion; Potential impact to mission/warfighter (if known). Submissions will be assessed by a panel, speaking slots will be 20 minutes and if accepted include a poster. A speaking slot also means the paper has been accepted for publication within CBRNe World. Poster presenters should mark their abstract as ‘Poster Only.’ To register, or send an abstract, email - matt@fuseevents.org or gwyn.winfield@cbrneworld.com

To see the latest conference brochure, or to see all the exhibitors, go to here or here

CBRNe Convergence will bring the best speakers and the largest gathering of CBRN professionals to North America in 2016, we look forward to seeing you there!

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