According to the Russian news outlet, Ria Novosti, two more people have been hospitalised after an outbreak of anthrax in Russia’s Altai Territory. Russian news reports suggested yesterday that ten people had so far been hospitalised; since then, two more cases have emerged and one death has been reported.

A mass vaccination program has been put in place to curtail the spread of the outbreak. The village thought to be the source of the outbreak, Druzhba, has a population of roughly 740 people who are now under quarantine and have been vaccinated in addition to the local livestock, which are thought to represent the cause of the spreading contamination.

Anthrax is fatal in about 40 percent of cases for gastro-intestinal infection. Inhalation is lethal in up to 90 percent of cases, but cutaneous infection is lethal in no more than 20 percent of cases if the victim gets early treatment, according to the Center for Biosecurity.

By dkaszeta on 2012 08 28

Hmmm…. Did someone forget to replace a filter in Sverdlovsk again?

By Sybil Liverties on 2012 08 28

Response to dkaszeta on 2012 08 28

Very useful reference. More info here:

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