Smiths Detection Inc. (SDI) is pioneering a series of educational workshops to inform first responders on how to use technology to protect themselves against fentanyl exposure.  The series of workshops will explore scenarios where responders can utilize field-based detection and identification systems to mitigate the threat of exposure to the potentially lethal opioid.

“Sharing our expertise with first responders about how technology can be used to help reduce the risk of fentanyl exposure is critical in the face of this growing epidemic” said Stephen Esposito, VP of Business Development and Sales at SDI. “Smiths Detection remains committed to using leading-edge technology to help ensure the safety and security of emergency responders and the communities that they protect.”

SDI offers a range of products capable of detecting and/or identifying fentanyl, and several of its analogues. These include:

  HazMatID Elite, an infrared handheld chemical identifier which performs chemical analysis on solids and liquids;

  ACE-ID, which utilizes laser Raman spectroscopy to test unknown substances without contact, including through clear plastic and glass containers; and

  IONSCAN 600, a portable system that detects and identifies trace amounts of suspected narcotics in seconds.

SDI also provides ReachBackID, a 24/7/365 hotline, which gives first responders access to Ph.D. scientists to support the field-based analysis of a range of chemicals including fentanyl and several of its analogues.

SDI has recently held mission-based workshops in Dallas, TX, Baltimore, MD, Suffolk County, NY, and Gainesville, FL with more workshops planned in communities across the country.

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