The United States Navy has awarded an exclusive license agreement to a Virginia-based small business, First Line Technology, to permit the manufacture and distribution of lifesaving technology for warfighters and first responders nationwide. This revolutionary decontaminant, Dahlgren Decon, will neutralize a variety of substances, from toxic industrial materials and chemicals to chemical warfare and biological agents in a matter of minutes with no toxic byproducts or corrosion to the equipment being decontaminated.

First Line Technology not only intends to distribute Dahlgren Decon to warfighters but further develop the product for first responder use, such as cleaning deadly carcinogens from fire fighter turnout gear, and civilian use as an antimicrobial or pesticide.

The full article on the signing ceremony and official photo are attached for publication. To see the published article please refer to the following links:

•      CHIPS Magazine, CoN CIO Information Technology Publication
•      Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS)

First Line Technology: 703-955-7510 or via email at

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